Fee Structure for the International Students of Fujian Medical University

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All the following fees are calculated with RMB paid to our university account:

Application fee: RMB800.00

Tuition fee:

RMB 35,000.00/academic year (MBBS)

RMB 38,000.00/academic year (Master of Medicine)

RMB 40,000.00/academic year (MD/PhD)

Accommodation fee: 4,000.00/academic year (two people share one room)


RMB Account No.:351008080010141004360

Opening Bank(开户行): 交行交通路支行

Owner’s Name(收款单位): 福建医科大学

Swift Code(银行代码): COMMCNSHFUZ


US Dollar Account No.: 351008080146310000368

Opening Bank: Bank of Communications Fuzhou Branch

Owner’s Name: Fujian Medical University


Add: 116 Hudong Rd., Fuzhou, Fujian, China


All the following fees should be paid by cash on the registered date:

Textbooks fee: RMB 1,000.00/academic year

Insurance fee: RMB600.00/year

Physical examination fee: 500.00/time 

Residence permit fee (﹤365 days) : 400.00/year



1. The applicant’s student ID No. & full name (esp. student ID No.) should be noted clearly when transferring any fees to the school account.

2. Application Fee and Deposit fee are non-refundable.

Fujian Medical University is entitled to adjust the tuition, accommodation and textbook fees in line with physical circumstances. 

Overseas Education College

Fujian Medical University


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